Grandy, Tex Power Yanks To Opening Day Win

On a rainy, overcast day, the Yankees opened the season at home against the Tigers.  There were question marks surrounding everything: the rotation, the lack of off-season signings, and the captain, but everything seemed to come together in a 6-3 win.

Curtis Granderson, who was unsure if he was even going to play 24 hours before the first pitched, sparkled in center making two very nice catches and hitting the game-winning homer.  That oblique is probably feeling just fine.

Granderson, who playing very shallow yesterday, making a great play in the ninth on a Brandon Inge shot. (AP)

Even Mark Teixeira, who is famous for his awful Aprils added a 3-run homer to put the Yankees on the board in the third and made it 3-1 at the time.  Russell Martin, the new catcher, scored two runs and a stolen base while Alex Rodriguez got a hit and walked twice.  Yes, the offense was dynamite.

CC Sabathia didn’t have his usual dominant performance, but it was gritty, giving the Bombers six innings of three run baseball and struck out seven.  He received a no decision, but I’m sure he will take it to add one to the win column for the team.

CC handed the game over to a very capable bullpen who tossed three perfect innings.  It was Joba in the seventh, Soriano in the eighth, and Mo in the ninth.  This was just the way they drew it up and Joe Girardi couldn’t help but beam with pride during his post game press conference.

(Associated Press)

Overall, it was a great Opening Day for the Yankees and their fans.  All aspects of the team came together very well and the box score showed as it was very diverse.  After Friday off, the Yanks will take on the Tigers again as two former Marlins, AJ Burnett and Brad Penny will go at.


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