What To Do About Boone Logan

Coming into this season, the Yankees biggest strength was probably their bullpen.  The additions of Rafael Soriano and Pedro Feliciano and a settled Joba Chamberlain would surely make the late innings a little easier for Joe Girardi to get through, and for the most part they have.


The one problem has been the arm injury to Feliciano.  Pedro was brought over from the Mets via free agency and was signed to a two year deal worth $8 million.  He has had the most appearances of any relief pitcher over each of the last three seasons, the reason the Mets said they did not try to re-sign him.  However, for some reason Brian Cashman gave him a multi-year deal.  Anyway, his injury has made Boone Logan the primary lefty out of the bullpen.

Logan was very good for the Yanks last season after Damaso Marte went down with his shoulder injury pitching to a 2.93 ERA and striking out almost one batter per inning.  He was a big reason why that bullpen was so good in the second half, but he faltered in the ALCS against the Rangers

That was going to be the question with Boone heading into 2011: will he be the regular season pitcher he was 2010 or the ALCS pitcher?  Well, so far he has been the ALCS pitcher.  Of course it is a very small sample to go by, but it should be noted that the first five lefties he was brought in to face this season all got on base.

Logan walking off the mound after a tough outing against Minnesota. (AP)

But what can they do?  If he keeps pitching this poorly, he is just going to hurt the team and I would honestly rather have David Robertson as the lefty specialist because at least he has that great curveball to neutralize lefties.  The problem is that even when Feliciano does come back and Logan becomes dispensable, he doesn’t have any options left so they would have to designate him for assignment if they want to get rid of him.  The problem with this is that there is no way he would clear waivers because he is a left-handed reliever, who is young (26) and throws hard.

Well, one thing looks clear at this point: things do not look good for Boone Logan’s future in pinstripes.  Even if they do release him when Feliciano comes back, they supposedly only have to wait until July to get back another lefty in Marte.  Logan needs to start performing and getting lefties out if he’s going to stay with the Yankees.


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