Another Look At Montero

Let’s all face it: the only reason that Gustavo Molina is the Yankees back up catcher right now is because Francisco Cervelli fractured his foot in Spring Training and Jesus Montero tried too hard when he had the job in the palm of his hand.  Montero would have been in pinstripes if he would have played a little better at the end of march, even if Brian Cashman won’t admit it.  You would think that Cashman would want a top prospect as the back up catcher, even for just short time, just to give him a taste of the MLB instead of a career .258 batting average at Triple A.


In today’s NY Daily News, John Harper wrote an article on Montero.  He writes about how Jesus has gotten off to a hot start in Scranton (.480/.480/.720) and how this could prove to be very useful in the coming months if the Yankees decide to make a trade for a starter.  Here’s an excerpt:

With Phil Hughes and his strange drop in velocity suddenly a concern, the Yankees’ need for a proven starter looms as even more of an issue than expected.  That is, unless you think Kevin Millwood, Carlos Silva, or any other aging starter the Yankees may sign can be a difference-maker.


In the meantime, baseball people who know Cashman well say he is already watching carefully to see which teams get off to bad starts, and whether that will lead to making a desirable pitcher available.

“I’m sure Cash has a list of guys and teams he’ll be tracking,” a rival GM said Tuesday. “At this time of year there are very few of those type conversations (between GMs) because it’s so early, but it’s never too early to see possibilities developing.”

I don’t think that Montero will get dealt unless it is for Felix Hernandez, so in this way I don’t necessarily agree with Harper.  Sure teams may be interested in him, but he has a very bright future, especially with his bat.  They have a lot of other trading chips in their system.

Although other teams don’t believe it, the Yankees front office seems to think that Jesus will be solid catcher in the MLB.  This means that you could see one of the other catchers (Austin Romine or Gary Sanchez) and there is an even better chance that one of the three Killer B’s will not be in the system come August 1.

This all being said, we are one week into the season.  We have a long way to go.  The Yankees starting rotation could come on strong in the coming months or Montero could drop off and lose trade value.  So let’s wait another month and then speculate.


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