The Feliciano Outlook

After feeling a pinch in his shoulder after some light throwing on Tuesday, Pedro Feliciano went for an MRI today and the outlook was not good.  In an interview, Joe Girardi said that it doesn’t look good, but wouldn’t give an specific cause initially.


The Yankees signed Feliciano this off-season to a two year deal worth $8 million.  He has the most appearances of any pitcher in baseball over the last three years with 256, which should have been somewhat of a red flag.  When Pedro first started complaining of shoulder pain, Brian Cashman said that he was ‘abused’ by the Mets.  But apparently, that wasn’t enough to keep him from signing Feliciano to a multi-year deal, not to mention the fact that he is on the wrong side of 30.  A little bit contradictory.

Via Jack Curry of YES, Cashman came out today and said that, “it’s a strong possibility” that the Yanks won’t have their south paw signing for this season.  This is pretty surprising news considering the fact that about two weeks ago, we were all under the impression that he only needed rest and he would be fine.  As it turns out, he has a torn shoulder capsule.  To give you some perspective on what this means, it is the same injury that Chien-Ming Wang had in 2009.  He now has to choose between having season-ending surgery and rehabbing it.

When this was announced, it was clearly noted that Pedro is going to miss an extended amount of time which rose the question of possibly acquiring another lefty for the bullpen.  To this Cashman responded, “Yeah, I’ll look. But I’m not going to find too easily.”  He then went on to say, “The bullpen is what it is. We believe we have right-handers that are capable of getting lefties out.”  He also expects Boone Logan to step up the way he did last season.  We’ll just have to see if he is up to that challenge because he hasn’t gotten off to a great start.

(Paul Sancya/AP)

So it will be interesting to see what the Yankees will do as far as the lefties out of their pen.  They do have Andy Sisco and Steve Garrison who were both ‘in contention’ for winning a bullpen spot out of Spring Training when Feliciano first went down with the injury.    Both are lefties and are in Triple A Scranton and Double A Trenton, respectively.  Although it may not seem like they won’t dip into their system, the Bombers might wind up having to if Logan continues to be ineffective.


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