Should The Yankees Have Really Gone After Melky?

Former Yankee Melky Cabrera was a free agent this past off-season.  As we all know by now, he has signed with the Kansas City Royals where he is an everyday outfielder.  However, over the Winter, Alex Rodriguez worked out with Melky and loved the way he played and worked.  SI’s Jon Heyman reported that A-Rod begged the Yankees to sign Cabrera, but they decided to go in a different direction.

Such a diligent worker. (AP)

That direction was Andruw Jones who has worked out quite nicely so far.  A lot of people were not happy about letting go of Marcus Thames, Jones is the same type of hitter (lefty killer) and has a much better glove.  If signed, Melky would have essentially been what Jones is and Thames was: a right-handed bat off the bench that would start against lefties in left field.

Comparatively speaking, Jones has faired much better against lefty pitching so far this year.  He is at .267/.267/.533 while the Melkman is at .194/.194/.333.  This not only shows that Jones is hitting for a higher average, but also that when he gets hits, they are big ones.  I know this is a small sample, but it still shows through.

Jones after his first Yankee homer in his first Yankee at-bat. (Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac)

Now let’s take a look at last season.  Cabrera was an everyday player for the Braves and hit .255/.317/.354 with 4 homers, 42 runs driven in, and a -0.3 WAR.  Jones, on the other hand, was a platoon guy off the bench for the White Sox and flourished in the role.  He hit .230/.341/.486 with 19 homers, 48 RBI’s, and a 1.5 WAR.  These numbers aren’t even close and it shows that Melky really took a dip.

So to sum it up, Cabrera had some very good moments for New York, but this off-season was not the time to sign him as a platoon outfielder.  Andruw Jone was a much better option based on last year’s numbers as well as what we’ve seen in 2011 so far.  It looks Alex should just stick to playing the game and not scouting.


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