Poll Results: Gardy Should Bat Ninth

The results have come in and they say that Brett Gardner should bat ninth in the Yankees lineup.  It has been no secret that Gardner has been struggling.  In fact, the extent to which he is struggling is almost unfathomable.  Heading into Saturday night, he was batting .128 and was 1 for his last 22.  He is also only three of six in stolen base attempts, something that must get better.  However, Saturday night, Gardy went two for five with a homer and raised his batting average 26 point to make it .154.  It seemed like he was going to break out of it.  On Sunday, it looked like the previous night never happened as he went 0 for five with four strikeouts.

On the last podcast, Rob and I talk about Brett’s leash and it brings up a pretty good point.  Do we want to lose his speed and defense from the starting lineup?  We saw him save Sunday’s game in the eighth inning with a lunging play in left field.  As long as other people are hitting and the offense is being productive, it isn’t too big of an issue, but they need to get him going at some point because he can really help out the team.

Make sure you vote on the new poll: Which off-season acquisition impresses you the most?


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