Tex And Hughes Injury Reports

Mark Teixeira was pulled in the eighth inning of tonight’s game for a pinch hitter.  This was quite odd because Teixeira didn’t show any signs of injury throughout the game.  After the game, Girardi said that Tex essentially jammed his shoulder while diving for a ball the preceding night and then again tonight.  There are no tests scheduled so that’s good and the skipper played it off like it wasn’t a big deal.  He’s day-to-day and I wouldn’t be shocked if he got tomorrow night off.

I just thought this was a pretty cool picture. (Antonelli/News)

Only one test came back tonight from the hours of testing done on Phil Hughes in the last two days.  It showed that there is a possibility that Hughes might have a circulatory problem called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  Pitchers Matt Harrison and Aaron Cook both had TOS and have come back.  Then again, we aren’t even sure if he has it yet.  He is going to go for additional testing with a specialist in St. Louis sometime soon and the doctor, Dr. William Thompson, will confirm whether he has it or not.  This basically means that Hughes is out indefinitely since the team doesn’t even know what they are dealing with.  All I know is that Bartolo Colon better keep pitching the way he has.


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