A Lot Of Winnable Ones Slipping Through

We knew heading into the 2011 season that it was going to be a tough year.  It wasn’t that the Yankees weren’t going to win or anything, but just that they would have to play their best in order to keep up with the Red Sox and stay ahead of the rest of the American League East.  However, they have gotten very lucky in the early-going.

Posada has had trouble adjusting to his new designated hitter role. (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The Red Sox and Orioles are both going to finish April below .500.  The O’s have come back down to earth after an immediate hot start and Sox got off to a horrendously bad start, but have slowly but surely started to climb back.  The Jays are at .500 right now and the Rays are at 14-12.  Even though there are three teams below .500 in the division, the five teams are separated by only four games from top to bottom.  Even though it’s early, it was said from the start that it would be a tight division from one to five and through one month, it has certainly held up.

Even though Boston is only four games, they got off to that painfully bad start which has surely helped the Yankees stay ahead of them at this point in the season.  It could be a lot more though if the Yankees would not have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory a couple of times.

Against the Twins, up 4-0 Rafael Soriano came in for the eighth and didn’t have his best stuff.  With only six outs left to get, the Bombers couldn’t close it out and lost 5-4.

(Associated Press)

Up 5-3 against the Blue Jays in the bottom of ninth, the Yankees brought in Mariano Rivera to close it out, but he blew his first save of the season and they went on to lose.  This one I can make my peace with more than the others just because Mo is usually so good.

Then, this past week there are three games that they could have easily won.  In the first two against the White Sox, they wasted so many opportunities and two very good starts from AJ Burnett and Ivan Nova.  There were so many times when the Bombers threatened, but couldn’t push any runs across.  And then last night they wasted another few opportunities and decent effort from Freddy Garcia.

I know it’s early, but as the season goes on and the race becomes tighter and more exciting, the Yanks are not going to get these games back.  As the BoSox continue to get hotter and the weather does, the Yankees need to tighten up their game and win some more close games and come through in the tough situations.


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