Poll Results: Jeter Worries Most

Well, the results are in and on the latest poll, people say that out of all of the Yankees struggling hitters, they are most worried about Derek Jeter.  Sure Jeter got off to a pretty bad start, but recently, he has looked and felt much better.  He was hitting .300 leading up to his sore hip in Detroit and raised his batting average 34 points in the last road trip including that 4-for-6 day on Sunday.  Of course he can go 0-for-4 tomorrow night and we will be back at square one, but let’s enjoy it for now.  His hitting line is now at .276/.331/.350.  Just remember one thing heading forward, at this point in 2009, he was hitting .265 and went on to hit .334.  I’m saying he will do this again, but let’s stay optimistic.

Make sure you vote on the new poll: How much longer do you think Bartolo Colon will be effective?


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