The Jorge Posada Situation

Update (1:35pm): According to Joel Sherman, the Yankees have no intention of re-signing Jorge Posada at the end of the season and both Posada and the Front Office knew this from the start of Spring Training.  I’m sure the .165 batting average he is currently sporting isn’t helping matters.  This makes things pretty awkward because Jorgie wants to play next year and he is as stubborn as a mule.  All I know is that I can’t see this turning out well, it’s just turning ugly faster than I thought it would.

Original (12:25pm): So there is a huge mess going on with Jorge Posada.  He was a late scratch from last night’s lineup, but it wasn’t released why.  There was some speculation that he was going to retire, but Joel Sherman shut that down and Jack Curry reported that Posada threw a temper tantrum when he found out he was batting ninth.

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

During a mid-game interview, Brian Cashman said that Posada took himself out of the lineup and kind of hinted that he might be retiring, something that actually scared me.

After the game, however, Posada spoke with reporters and said he had back stiffness.  Joe Girardi contradicted this in his interview saying Jorge made no reference to his back and that he just needed a mental health day.

So there is now a lot of tension in the clubhouse and I think all this does is accelerate Posada’s exit from the team at the end of the season when his contract runs out.  All I know is that he needs to start hitting for things to clear up and with the team not playing well right now, this is certainly not what they needed right now.


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