Burnett, Lineup Collapse In Sixth Straight Loss

I would be able to deal with this losing streak in a little bit more of a healthy way if the Yankees were playing somewhat well and were being fundamentally sound, but that’s not even happening.  For the first time since 2007, the Yanks are on a six game losing streak.  And until they win a game and I have a little more time on my hands, I will continue to recap games in a bullet-point style:

(Mike Carlson/AP)


  • AJ Burnett was very good through five innings.  He had only allowed two hits, one run, and one walk over that span while working very economically.  Even through 5.2, when being taken out of the game, he had only thrown 89 pitches.
  • He was mxing pitches and speed and even threw in some change ups.  In the sixth, however, I don’t know if he was pitching to a 5-1 lead, but he was not sharp in that inning and gave back five runs on two homers and the lead.
  • Luis Ayala, Boone Logan, and Joba Chamberlain proved to be effective through the last 2.1 innings only allowing one hit and two walks over the span.
  • The Bombers once again got on the board and got to the hot shot David Price thanks to an Eduardo Nunez 2-run single and a Curtis Granderson 3-run homer, his 14th of the year which made it 5-1 at the time.
  • However, they managed only one hit in the last four innings of the game against the Rays bullpen, something we’re used to hearing.

So that’s it.  James Shields against Ivan Nova tonight at 6:40.  Let’s pray for a split and an end to this awfulness.


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