Poll Results: Posada To Retire After 2011

The results are in and the fans have voted that Jorge Posada will retire after the 2011 season when his current contract expires.  If it was unclear before, the whole controversy should have been an indicator of how this off-season is going to unfold.  Posada is a very proud and stubborn player who has made it clear that he wants to play.  This little situation is little sample of what’s going to happen and it was almost inevitable.  Posada will really need to pick it up if he wants to be re-signed which he has since the start of May where he is hitting .261/.393/.348.  But if Posada is a free agent after this season, I think he will retire instead of going to a different team.

Make sure you vote on the new poll: What will Carlos Silva’s role on the 2011 Yankees be?


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