The Carlos Beltran Question

So we’re a month and a half into the season and trade time is right around the corner.  Everyone, including myself, though the Yankees would be very active during this time to pursue starting pitching.  However, Nick Swisher and Jorge Posada have been very quiet this season and the offense has suffered a little because of it.  So why not pick up a bat?


As it turns out, our cross-twon rival Mets will probably be willing to sell outfielder Carlos Beltran, but would they be willing to sell him to the Yanks?  I’m sure sending him to the Bronx would not be Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson’s first choice, but if they have the best offer, I can’t see him rejecting it.  The one reason I can see them no dealing with the Bombers is because of the possible public embarrassment.  If Beltran does great things for the Yankees, Mets fans will be all over the organization.

First let’s examine why the Yanks would want Beltran.  Well, first of all, he will be a rental player so if he does have a good rest of the season, they won’t have to deal with re-signing him and Scott Boras.  This leads to my next point which is that if Carlos does have a very good season this year, he could qualify as Type B free agent and when another team signs him this off-season, the Bombers would get a compensation draft pick.

Now the on-the-field reasons.  As we all know, Beltran is and never was that seven year player worth $119 million, but he still a good player with some pop in his bat.  He has a .393 wOBA so far in 2011 and is hitting .280/.377/.533 with 8 homers and 25 RBI’s.

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

The Yanks would be able to plug him into right field every so often and in as the designated hitter sometimes to either give guys days off or if the match-up is in his favor.  His knee also seems to be under him at this point as he is playing a much better right field than he was a month ago.

Now, let’s hypothetically say the Mets are will to send him to the Bronx, who would the Yankees give up?  Well, it will probably be a package of decent or okay prospects based on the time he will spend with the team and his salary.  Eduardo Nunez, Brandon Laird, Corban Joseph, Jose Ramirez, Brett Marshall, and the list goes on.  Basically just not the Killer B’s and not the three top catchers.

This post is purely speculation and trade might not happen because I’m sure Brian Cashman will be checking the market for starting pitching before anything else.  Also, Posada’s looked a lot better at the dish since the start of May and I have faith that Nick Swisher will start to pick things up.  But hey, it’s always good to keep something like this in the back of your head.


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