Why Grandy Bats Second

With the Yankees recent offensive struggles, there has been a lot of talk about shuffling the lineup.  In fact, Joe Girardi has actually made a few changes by moving Russell Martin up and Nick Swisher down.  However, something I was thinking of was moving Curtis Granderson down to provide some protection for the cold middle-of-the-order hitters.

(Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara)

However, tonight reminded me why the Grandy Man bats second.  First of all, I am a big believer in if something is not broke, don’t fix it well.  Well, Granderson has been raking in the two spot batting .275/.343/.618 with a .416 wOBA.  He has been carrying the team offensively.  It almost seems like no one else is hitting, especially with runners in scoring position.  As long as he keeps hitting, he shouldn’t be moved in the lineup.

But something I saw last night proves why Granderson hitting second is the right call.  Down 4-3, the Yanks had a runner on third with two outs and Curtis came to hit.  If Girardi would have went with my plan of hitting him further down in the lineup, Russell Martin or Nick Swisher (both high OBP guys) would be up and who knows what would have happened.  Instead, since Grandy was further up in the order, he got the extra at-bat later in the game which was crucial since he is the Yankees hottest hitter.

So no matter how bad things get offensively for the Bombers and how much they switch the lineup, they should not move Curtis Granderson from the two spot as long as he continues to hit.  All Girardi should do is play with the bottom of the lineup if anything, but overall the offense does look a lot better than it did a week or two ago.


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