What To Do About Carlos Silva

In the beginning of the season, Brian Cashman made a few moves to provide some depth for his starting pitching just in case it faltered.  He signed Kevin Millwood who went through extended Spring Training and a few rehab appearances before opting out before the Yankees released him.  And now Carlos Silva is knocking on the door of the big leagues down in Triple A.  So with an opt-out date that is surely approaching, what should the Yankees do.

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Well, in my opinion there are two options.  First of all, you could not promote him and just let him opt out.  Lance Pendleton/Hector Noesi are fine enough long relief guys and can’t do too much damage in that role.  Also, the starting rotation seems pretty stable at this point so I’m not sure who he would replace.

The second option is putting him in the long relief spot and sending down Noesi so he can actually pitch and get some innings to his name.  Silva would make for a nice long man because he eats innings and has a nice sinker that makes it easier for him to get out of jams.

Ideally for me, Pendleton and Noesi would be down in Scranton while Silva was the long man and they brought a short relief guy from Triple who can pitch the seventh inning of a tight game effectively.  Remember, Silva could also be a spot starter, which is definitely a nice cushion to have.

Of course we have a little bit of time to go, although we are not certain when Silva’s opt-out clause is for.  Silva was not too good in first start with AAA Scranton, but he has another start tonight so we’ll have to keep an eye on that.


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