Some Pre-Draft Stuff

Jason Churchill of ESPN posted a list of the draft philosophies for each team.  You have to be an ESPN Insider to read the entire thing, but on the Yankees he writes,“Aside from last year, when prep shortstop Cito Culver and outfielder Angelo Gumbs were the club’s first two picks, the Yankees have generally gone the route of the college player under [Damon] Oppenheimer.  Even with their first pick coming way down at No. 51, they could get a shot at a top-20 player who falls due to signability/perceived bonus demands. A college pitcher that could move fairly quickly could be the answer, and right down the alley for Oppenheimer. Perhaps left-hander Andrew Chafin from Kent State or Coastal Carolina right-hander Anthony Meo is a fit.”

In other news, River Avenue Blues posted a list of their mid-season top 30 prospects in the Yankees system.  It’s just a way to see where everyone stands a third of the way into the season and before the draft.  With each player comes a little blurb about how they’ve done so far this season, so it’s definitely worth a look.


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