A Problem With Gary Sanchez?

We were under the assumption that Gary Sanchez was not in the lineup for the Low-A Charleston Riverdogs because of a bad back, but as it turns out, it was because of a bad attitude.  There were apparently two incidents where Sanchez was very immature and was therefore sent to Extended Spring Training.  However, Sanchez was back in the lineup last night as the Charleston designated hitter.  Remember, he is only 18 so he still has a lot of maturing to do.

The one thing that this incident has done is expose JR Murphy a little more.  Everyone knows about the three big catchers in the Yankees farm system (Jesus Montero, Austin Romine, and Sanchez), Murphy, a 2009 second round draft pick, has been making great strides behind the plate and might actually stick as a catcher.  To start the season, he was going to play some third base and right field, but it seems like that has changed.  Murphy will probably be moved up to High-A Tampa at some point this month.


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