Game 57: No Russ


In today’s game, the Yankees will not only be going for a series win against the Angels, but they will also be going for a 6-3 record on this west coast road trip, which looks and sounds a lot better than 5-4.  However, they will go for the win without their starting catcher, Russell Martin.  It’s good that he is getting a day off because it’s no secret that he has fallen off offensively and he does have a bad toe, so a day off today and and a team off day tomorrow could really refresh him for the upcoming Boston series.  Here’s the lineup:

  1. Derek Jeter, SS
  2. Curtis Granderson, CF
  3. Mark Teixeira, 1B
  4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
  5. Robinson  Cano, 2B
  6. Nick Swisher, RF
  7. Jorge Posada, DH
  8. Brett Gardner, LF
  9. Francisco Cervelli, C

And it will be Bartolo Colon on the bump for the Yanks.  Hopefully, he can repeat his performance from Monday and we won’t need the bullpen.  It will be a 3:35 start on YES, thankfully, the last game on this west coast road trip.  Let’s Go Yanks!!


One Comment on “Game 57: No Russ”

  1. […] many innings, it could wear them down and bring down their overall performance.  I mentioned in yesterday’s game thread how Russell Martin’s performance has gone down in quality throughout the season, and being […]

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