Yanks Take Dante Bichette Jr. With First Pick

With the Rafael Soriano signing over the off-season, the Yankees were without a first round draft pick, but thanks to type B free agent Javier Vazquez signing with the Marlins they did get one pick in the supplementary round.  I was hoping for them to take high school out fielders Dillon Howard or Williams Jerez (one of them I mean) or more unrealistically Josh Bell.  They decided to go with high school infielder from Florida, Dante Bichette Jr.

Raking in the LLWS. (BabyFacts.net)

Bichette Jr., 18, is obviously the son of former big leaguer Dante Bichette and heading into the draft, I didn’t know much about him nor did I know he was on their radar.  From what I have read in scouting reports and other articles, Bichette seems to be a power hitter who won’t be staying at third base for long.  He has a lot of movement in his long swing, but his swing has been shortened and the movement has been toned down a little.  He has a decent arm and decent speed, and most think that he will end up in left field because of it.  However, he will have to start hitting for a little more contact if he hopes to make a contribution to a big league team.

Here’s what Baseball America has to say about him:

The younger Bichette is a high school infielder, but his profile will wind up being that of a power-hitting left fielder. He lacks fluidity defensively, and his best tool when he’s not in the batter’s box is his throwing arm. Offense is his calling card, and he’s a cage rat who often can be found taking extra rounds of batting practice. Bichette has had a lot of movement in his swing but has toned down a bit this season while still producing big power and plenty of bat speed. He has as much raw power as any prep player in Florida and runs well enough to be a corner outfielder if he can’t stay in the infield. He’s committed to Georgia.

And Keith Law of ESPN:

Bichette has the name and very big raw power to match it, but he bails out badly at the plate with an all-or-nothing approach, swinging uphill to try to jerk the ball out to his pull side. He’s limited to an outfield corner and has to show he can shorten up and make contact to profile as an everyday player (or more).

You can also check out his profile on Perfect Game, a baseball scouting service, here.  Damon Oppenheimer, Yankees scouting director was happy with it saying,”We thought [he] had an impact bat and the potential to hit for big power in the middle of the order.”  Honestly with a pick as low as 51, you couldn’t expect too much more than this so I’ll take it, but I would have rather had one of the three guys listed above.  Here’s a little highlight video so you can actually see the kid play:

So I guess you can’t say that tonight was a complete failure, but I wouldn’t say I’m exactly happy, but whatever.  All I can say is that the Rafael Soriano signing seems pretty dumb right about now with him sitting on disabled list.  Of course, everyone will forget about this if he comes back and July and is light out.  And now I will leave you a link to Dante’s Twitter where you can follow him.


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  1. […] the first Yankee five picks were used to draft players that had power, size and played a corner.  Dante Bichette Jr. was one of these as he currently plays third base, a position the Yanks think he can play because […]

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