About These Last Few Days

I would just like to say that I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting as much in these past few days, but they have been very hectic.  First of all, I graduated from high school last night so yeah congrats to me.  This post will cover everything that has happened over the last couple of days.

The Sweep

Everyone was so excited to see how the Yankees and Red Sox would play each now that they were both rolling on all cylinders or close to it.  Well, the Sox took all three, the first time they have swept the Yankees twice at Yankee Stadium in one year since 1913.  They played pretty bad both pitching and hitting-wise.  They are now two games out of first in American League East (something i’m not too worried about) and have lost four of their last six.  They need to get back on track.

(Onion Sports Network)

The Big Blow

As much as you might dislike Joba Chamberlain and the way the Yankees have handled him in the past, he has been very good out of the bullpen for the last season and a half.  He has had very good inputs and is now finally getting some luck.  Now, due to a torn flexor tendon, he will have to undergo Tommy john surgery and will be out for the remainder of the season.  This will be a big blow and now David Robertson will have to take over eighth inning duties.  This is still tough and I’m sure we will see a call-up of Kevin Whelan soon.

Other Injury Stuff

Russell Martin went for an MRI on his back yesterday and it came back clear so he’s just day-to-day.  Pedro Feliciano started to throw, but no one knows how long he will be or what’s next for him.  Tim Norton, who was just moved up to Scranton from Trenton, suffered a shoulder injury which is apparently pretty serious.

The Cleveland Indians now come to town before hosting the red hot Texas Rangers.  It’s time to get their crap together and start playing better.  People in the bullpen and in the lineup need to start picking it up and I’m hoping the starting pitching doesn’t continue the way it was in this past series because that was disgusting.  All we can do is hope.


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