Poll Results: Montero Is Catcher Of The Future

Well, the results are in and according to the results, the fans believe that Jesus Montero is the catcher of the future.  There is no question that the Yankees have a lot of catching depth down on the farm and this off-season will probably tell us who the brass thinks is the best fit to be the franchise’s next big catcher.  Montero is definitely a favorite as he is one of the top three prospects in all of baseball.  He has a very good bat, there is no doubt about that, but his defense has always been in question.  With Jorge Posada’s contract up after this season, I think he could be a designated hitter next year and a part-time catcher.  I don’t think he will get traded, however, because there are no guys on the market right now that are close to his worth.

Make sure you vote on the next poll: What part of the team needs to step up the most during this upcoming stretch?


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