Check Out New York’s Homegrown

If you read a lot of blogs about other baseball teams and stuff, you might have come across one called Mini Mets Pipeline, a blog about the Mets farm system.  It is written by a good friend of mine, Nick Pugliese.  About a week ago, Nick and I hatched the idea to put our heads together and create our own blog called New York’s Homegrown.  This blog is about the Yankees and Mets farm systems and will provide you with the most in-depth analysis on both.  The site was just launched and more content should be available in the next day or two.  It has a forum and a lot of other really cool things that make it enjoyable to read.  Make sure you click and check it out.  You can follow us on Twitter here.


One Comment on “Check Out New York’s Homegrown”

  1. […] doing the Minor League updates, but will continue doing more of these specific posts.  Last week, I introduced you to my new site, New York’s Homegrown, a blog that follows the Yankees and Mets farm systems.  I urge you to […]

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