A Pair Of LOOGY Options

With Boone Logan’s ineptness so far this season, Brian Cashman has been working to find another left-handed reliever so the Yankees don’t have to rely to heavily on him. Well, via MLBTR, the Phillies have designated JC Romero for assignment.  Romero, 35, hasn’t been too good this season in the 16.1 innings he has pitched, he has walked 6.61 walks per nine innings while only striking out only 5.51 per nine.  The good news though is that he has struck out 10.29 per nine against lefties this season.  The other thing to like about him is that he has a very good track record as he has gotten lefties out in the past.

The other option that has come across Cashman’s desk today was Scott Kazmir.  Kazmir is a little bit more of a risk.  We all know his story of being a top starting pitching prospect and being traded to the Rays, who shipped him to Los Angeles and he just hasn’t been the same.  For the Angels Triple-A affiliate so far this season he had struck out 8.22 per nine innings, but walked 11.74 per nine.  That is really awful and a lot of beat writers are against signing him, but I say why not try to catch lightning in a bottle. They took a chance with Brad Halsey, why not Kazmir?

Out of these two, obviously, I would like to see Romero signed because he would probably be able to make a more immediate impact.  We’ll see over the next week how it plays out.


One Comment on “A Pair Of LOOGY Options”

  1. […] which isn’t all that surprising because they have been in on him for the last few days now.  I wrote about him a while ago when the Phillies let him go.  It’s good move to get some more depth for the pen and maybe […]

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