Ivan Nova’s Success

(Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Ivan Nova had by far the best start of his career last night.  His final line was 8 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 7 K, and 105 pitches (70 strikes).  The K:BB ratio is the real indicator here because usually when we look at the box score when he pitches we usually see three strikeouts and two walks or something like that, but last night was much better.  But what made it such a great outing.

Since he has come up, the scouting report on Nova has read that he has trouble going through the lineup multiple times.  Last night, however, he went though the Reds offense three times and came out very alive and had a great night.  What made this happen, was the fact that he was throwing all four of his pitches for strikes.

Super Nova has four pitches in his repertoire including a fastball, curveball, change up, and cutter-slider.  Last night, he was using all of his pitches and effectively.  In past starts, he has lost confidence in the latter pitches and has become a two-pitch pitcher, but not last night.

The other thing Ivan did nicely was that he settled down nicely.  The Yanks provided a four run cushion for him before he even stepped on the mound and I knew he was gonna give something back, it would just be classic Nova.  He did give one back, but I was sure the game was going to unravel after this, but he kept his poise and pitched very well for the rest of the game recording all of his seven strikeouts over the next seven innings and only yielding two hits.

To be quite honest, Nova could wind up just regressing back to the pitcher we have seen a lot of this season: the pitcher who doesn’t miss a lot of bats and only throws two pitches.  But we definitely did see some progress with him last night and all we can do is hope that something sticks or clicks for him because if he can pitch a little like this every time out, that would be a big help to a team that really needs it.


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