The Mid-Season Awards

It’s now the All-Star Break, the time for evaluating our team’s season.  We can see what the team has done well and what they haven’t done well, which leads us to trades before the trade deadline. So let’s give out the mid-season awards:

(Elsa/Getty Images)

Most Valuable Player: Curtis Granderson

In his second year in Pinstripes, the Grandy Man has broken out and has probably been the most consistent hitter in the lineup from April until now.  He’s hitting .269/.361/.575 with 25 homers and 63 ribbies, and he has also stolen fifteen bases.  The almost two percent increase in BB% is a reason for the increase the on-base percentage and also his splits. He’s hitting .263/.327/.596 against south paws so far in 2011, but last year he hit .234/.292/.354.  Kevin Long really is a miracle worker.

CY Young: CC Sabathia

Another year and another dominant year from CC (so far).  So far, Sabathia is 13-4 and has pitched to a 2.72 ERA (2.50 FIP) and has struck out 7.78 per nine innings and walked 2.16 per nine.  The K and BB rates are higher than years past and so is his FIP. His HR/FB is a very unsustainable 3.9% so his 0.31 homers per nine innings might go up, but with a .300 BABIP, his ERA may very well stay similar to what it is now. Sabathia has carried an overachieving starting rotation into the ASB.

Reliever Of The Year: David Robertson

If you would have told me that the Yankees bullpen would post a 3.11 ERA in the first half without Rafael Soriano and Joba Chamberlain for parts of the first half, I would have told you that you were crazy.  But it has happened and why?  Because of D-Rob.  In the beginning of the year, he took on the role of the fireman as he was able to get starters out of tough situations in the middle of an inning.  As the season moved on and pitchers got injured, he moved into the eighth inning slot and has been great.  He’s striking out more than fourteen per nine innings and has pitched to a 1.27 ERA.  Keep it up because we still won’t know what we’re getting from Soriano in the second half.

(Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Rookie Of The Year: Ivan Nova

Despite being sent down to the Minors last week, Nova was pretty good as the Yankees number five starter.  He won eight games and pitched to a 4.12 ERA.  He didn’t really strike out a lot of guys and walked a good amount so that made him the top candidate to go down.  Still, he was good enough if the Yanks didn’t have Hughes coming back and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him.

Best Off-Season Acquisition: Bartolo Colon

What else can we say about Bartolo Colon. After taking a year off from the MLB, he comes back and has an ERA hovering around three and averages 94 on the gun every start. He is so much more than the Yankees best wishes were.  He has been their second best pitcher this season and without him, it’d be interesting to think about where the Yanks would be.  Kudos to Brian Cashman and the scouting department.  The question is whether he can keep it up, but even if he doesn’t, he was still a success.


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