Is Brandon Laird Worth A Look?

I discussed a few options that the Yankees have on the trade market as far as third basemen and none of them are really all that impressive.  Combining this with the fact that starting pitching is their top priority, Brian Cashman might not make a move by July 31, forcing him to deal with what he has for the next month or so.

We know he has Eduardo Nunez and Ramiro Pena right now, but there is someone else in the Minors that they should give a look at.  The other night, when Nunez made that error in the first inning that prolonged a Toronto scoring binge, I sent out this tweet out of frustration:

Brandon Laird is the third baseman for Triple-A Scranton and was protected in the Rule 5 draft for this exact situation.  For him to not come up would be ridiculous.  Laird, 23, is hitting .266/.295/.413 with ten homers and 47 RBI’s.  He obviously doesn’t walk too much, but he is a very streaky hitter and I think he can something of a Kevin Maas start (not as big) before pitchers figure him out.  He definitely has the power for it.

The other thing about Laird is that he gives Joe Girardi a little more flexibility off the bench.  He plays third, first base, left field, and right field, so he can always give someone a day off if need be.  One thing I forgot to mention is the fact that he is a solid defensive third baseman; he’s not gonna blow anyone away, but he’ll make the plays that he needs to.

(Photo Credit: Flickr user paul.hadsall via Creative Commons license)

There is no situation that fits for Laird than this one.  If he is ever going to make a splash with the big league club, it’s going to be now.  The Bombers should definitely give him a try, at least against lefties (who he’s hitting at a clip of .294/.330/.506) and if it doesn’t work out, you can just bring Pena back and nothing changes.


One Comment on “Is Brandon Laird Worth A Look?”

  1. […] Eduardo Nunez made his twelfth error of the season on a bad throw on a routine play.  It’s just getting ridiculous.  He’s lucky CC got a ground ball double play from the next hitter because that could have really hurt the team, especially since it was the lead off hitter of the inning.  They should really give Brandon Laird a look, something I argued for this morning. […]

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