Mailbag Monday: DBJ

As this blog has picked up more steam, I’ve been getting emails from fans that have good questions about the Yankees and their minor league affiliates.  I’ve decided to have a new thing called ‘Mailbag Monday’ in which I answer some of these questions.  You can ask a question by going above to the ‘Contact’ tab and sending an email to the given email address. Today there is only one question.

Jason asks: How is Dante Bichette Jr. doing so far? I know he got placed in the GCL, but I haven’t heard much about him since the draft.

It’s been about six weeks since the Yankees took DBJ with their first selection in the MLB Draft and about a month since he made his professional debut.  Bichette has shown some good and some bad, but has definitely been adjusting to the GCL.

(Photo Credit: Baseball Factory)

His approach at the plate is a lot better than I thought it was going to be. He was shown as a guy with a lot of power, but with some holes in his swing that could easily be exposed. But he hasn’t shown much power (he hit his first GCL homer today and has a .307 SLG). And contradictory to my own and others thinking he has some good discipline, leading the GCL in walks with 21.

He got off to a rough start, only hitting .115 for the month of June, but did have an OBP of .342.  In July, he has fared much better and is seemingly getting a little more comfortable each day as he is hitting .245/.403/.347 (not including his 2 for 2 effort today).

As far as his fielding goes, he has started the season at third base and from what I can tell, he is holding his own because I haven’t seen many errors credited to him.  Then again, I haven’t seen him play and he may look like a mess out there.  The word is still that he is a long term corner outfielder, but we still won’t know for a while.

So Bichette got off to a tough start and there are definitely some holes in his game, but he is a lot better than I expected him to be and he is making good adjustments.  I expect him to stay at GCL for the rest of the year and then start next season with Staten Island.


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