Tonight For Bart, And Going Forward

(Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

The last two starts for Bartolo Colon have been very ugly.  In the first one (against the Rays), he wasn’t getting the inside corner to lefties making his two-seam fastball useless. This made him change game plan, but he couldn’t adjust enough and the Rays were able to pus across enough runs to beat him. The second start was the first game after the All-Star Break in Toronto in which the Jays were stealing signs and hit Colon hard, not even letting him get out of the first inning.

Why is this important?  Well, because the trade deadline is right around the corner and part of what the Yankees do could depend on Bart’s performance over his next three starts, including tonight.  He has been undoubtedly the Yanks best starter, dominating opponents with a high strikeout rate and a low walk rate.

The reason that Colon’s performance over the next two weeks will be big is that Brian Cashman essentially said yesterday that he is not willing trade the farm for a starter and that he think he has a good enough team to make the playoffs already.  I think this more for negotiating than anything else, but if Bart continues to put together bad outing, it may force Cashman to pick up a phone.

I’m not saying that I don’t think that Bombers need another because I think they do, but Cash is right in the fact that his team will probably make the playoffs without making a move.  How far they go in the playoffs is a different story though since they won’t have the pitching depth that other teams have.

As time goes on, it looks less and less like Ubaldo is realistic.  They are asking for Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, Ivan Nova, plus a lower level guy in return which I’m not so keen on giving up.  The problem is the Rockies don’t have any reason to lower that asking price.  It’s going to be an interest couple of weeks between now and July 31, but I’d bet that in the end, the Yankees wind up trading for another starter. Whatever does happen, it starts tonight.


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