The Use Of Hector Noesi

I still don’t understand why Hector Noesi is pitching out of the bullpen for the Major League ball club. His value is clearly better when he is starting down in Scranton to provide pitching depth and to serve as trade bait.  But it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anytime soon, so I guess we’ll have to deal with it.

(AP Photo)

Since we have to deal with Hector being up in the bigs, you would think that Joe Girardi would use him a little more effectively and strategically.  Up to this point, it seems like he only pitches once a week or so in mop up situations.  He has handled these situations with ease pitching to a 3.26 ERA in 30.1 innings.  I think it’s time to start using him in some tighter situations to see if he can handle them because it looks like the Yankees brass thinks of Noesi as long-term relief guy.

The one flaw with him down in the minors was that he was a contact pitcher and didn’t miss many bats, but he has put that to rest getting swinging misses 8.5% of the time since being called up.  So where could he fit in?  Well, Rafael Soriano will be returning in less than two weeks and will more than likely re-calim the eighth inning role that he held before is elbow issue.  But instead of moving David Robertson directly back into the seventh inning, I would like him to go back to the ‘fireman’ that he was before the Soriano and Joba Chamberlain injuries.

This would mean he would come in both the sixth and seventh innings to get pitchers out of jams. This being said, if Robertson were to come into a game in the sixth, why not put Noesi in for the seventh?  He has pitched very well up to this point so I don’t understand why they wouldn’t put him in for more high-leverage outings.  Pitching the amount that he is, is not helping his development.

To make it clear, I still think Noesi should be down in Scranton starting, but if he has to stay up, I would like him to start pitching in more important situations.  This whole thing makes no sense at all, but I guess we’ll have to deal with it.  I hope that the Yanks handle their other prospects much better than this.


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