When Can We Expect Montero?

(Elsa/Getty Images)

I have made it pretty clear that I want Jesus Montero up in the Majors.  He is the Yankees best prospect and his bat has the ability to change the dynamic of a lineup, especially the for the Yanks who probably won’t acquire a position player before the trade deadline.  So why isn’t he in the Bronx yet?

I really don’t know.  It’s not like they would have to move a lot of pieces; all it would take is designating Francisco Cervelli for assignment or releasing him.  Even after his 3 for 3 with two walks effort last night, he is still only hitting .237/.306/.303 and it’s not like he’s even adequate defensively either.  Cervelli is keeping a seat warm and it’s about time it gets taken from him.

For Triple-A Scranton, Montero is hitting .279/.336/.406 with eight homers and 38 ribbies.  Those are pretty decent numbers, especially for a supposedly ‘bored’ player. Maybe they won’t cut it in the Majors, but if you ask any scout, they will tell you that he has an impact bat, something I think the Bombers can used with the current injury to Alex Rodriguez.

It would also be easy to fit Montero in.  You could give Russell Martin two days off behind the plate per week and you could start to weed Jorge Posada out of the DH spot. That may sound tough, but since his great June, Jorgie has been dreadful as he has posted a .152/.216/.174 batting line.  Montero has better splits against lefties so you can start by DH’ing him against south paws slowly make him the every day guy.

I understand that Jesus is only 21, but he is repeating Triple-A and has already posted some pretty filthy numbers there and has nothing left to prove.  His bat could give the offense a little push and could keep regulars a little more rusted, plus it adds some youth to an old team, not something that I really care about, but others seem to make a big deal of.  I think they will wait until right after the deadline to move him up just so his trade value doesn’t decrease, if they do before September call-ups.


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