Mailbag Monday: Noesi Replacement And Danks

You can ask a question by going above to the ‘Contact’ tab and sending an email to the given email address.  Make sure you provide your first name. Today there are two questions.

Tim asks: You keep saying that Noesi should not be up in the Majors and that he should be starting for Scranton. If the Yankees were to actually do that, who would they replace him with?

Yep, Hector Noesi should be down in Scranton getting stretched out as a starter to maximize his value.  I can’t think of one logical explanation for him being up.  It’s not even like they are trying to break him into more important roles.  He is still doing mop up work.

(Courtesy of Mike Ashmore)

The best guy to bring up to replace Noesi would be George Kontos.  Kontos was taken by the Padres from the Yanks in the Rule 5 draft this past Winter/Spring, but was returned just before the season started.  He was then placed on Scranton’s roster and has been fantastic for them.  He has pitched to a 2.95 ERA while striking out more than nine per nine innings and walking less than three per nine in 64 innings.  The two knocks on him are 1) he is homer prone allowing 1.41 per nine and 2) he has a very unsustainable LOB% at 85.7%.

This all being said, maybe the Yankees brass doesn’t think that Kontos can get it done in the bigs, but Mark Newman has said in interviews that he is being considered.  I don’t think that he and Noesi are that different in that they have similar Triple-A numbers and can give length if needed.  I don’t see why they need to keep Noesi up when they have someone who they don’t have to develop like Kontos down on the farm.

Chris asks: With all the names that are getting thrown around with starting pitcher on the market, I feel like John Danks isn’t getting the recognition he deserves.  Do you think the Yanks could possible get him?

The White Sox never seem to sell at the deadline no matter what position they are in, so I can’t see this season being much different. However, Joel Sherman just reported via Twitter that Chicago has scouts taking long looks at the Yankees, Phillies, and Red Sox farm systems.  If that is the case, Danks would be my first choice as far as starters on that staff.

Danks, 26, got off to a bad start, but has settled down since.  This may wind up being a good thing because it might decrease his trade value a little bit.  He has struck out more than six per nine innings so far this season and walked less than three per nine, but has almost allowed a homer per nine as well.  Part of his tough start probably has to do with his BABIP which sits at .300 right now while in years past, it has been at around .270.

He is a very good, young pitcher who can be a front end guy in the American League and has another year of team control after this one.  He is also cheap; he’s only making $6 million this year and I can’t see him making much more next season.  Don’t be surprised if you hear his name connected with the Yankees over the next week.


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