My Deadline Philosophy

We are now three days away from the trade deadline and some big splashes have been made. Francsico Rodriguez is a Brewer, Carlos Beltran is a Giant, Colby Rasmus is a Blue Jay, and Edwin Jackson is a Cardinal. It usually takes that one trade to get the other dominos to fall and as you can see, people are starting to go.

The Yankees have a very good farm system, they are very much a contender, and they have some needs they should really address as they try to make a playoff run. This not only makes them a buyer, but it should also make them very much in the thick of things for every possible player that can help them. However, Brian Cashman is making that hard by saying that some of his prospects are ‘untouchable.’

(Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

I think that this is ridiculous. To me, every prospect is available at the right price. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say I’m the General Manager of the Yanks and another GM came to me and said he wanted Manny Banuelos and that he had offer for me that he thought was very good. Whether it actually is very good or not is another story, but there’s no harm in listening. Even if he is untouchable, it’s nice to know how other organizations perceive your players.

The other thing is that Manny Banuelos is 20 years old and only in Double-A. He has a lot of development to go and is still far from a sure thing. If I can include him in a deal for an established front-end starter then why shouldn’t I? I Understand that I’m ‘mortgaging the future,’ but with the Bombers it is and always has been win now. Plus, we don’t know what Banuelos is going to be. He could completely bust or he could be the next best thing since sliced bread.

My point is that we just don’t know. A perfect example is the 2008 off-season. The Yankees wanted Johan Santana, a sure-thing ace, and the Twins were asking for (I believe) two of Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and Ian Kennedy, plus Melky Cabrera. Cashman wouldn’t pull the trigger and they lost him and then the starting pitching imploded during the season (with the exception of Mike Mussina who won 20 games).

The Front Office is currently in a similar situation. According to Joel Sherman, the Rockies want three of Banuelos, Dellin Betances, Ivan Nova, and Jesus Montero. I say why not do it? I understand it’s three of the Yanks top prospects, but if we take a logical look at this, we’ll see that it’s not that bad. First off, I would just like to say that the one guy I wouldn’t include in the deal out of the four is Banuelos.

Dellin Betances heading into the season, to me, was the most likely of the Killer B’s to bust. Now that honor clearly goes to Andrew Brackman. Betances, 22, has big control problems down in Trenton. He has the raw stuff to be a number one starter, it’s just whether he’ll be able to harness it. Also, since I am keeping Banuelos in this once again hypothetical situation, I am more at peace with dealing Dellin.

As far as Ivan Nova goes, he has shown he can be good, but I really don’t see him being a top tier starter in the American League East for the Yankees. He could probably do what Ian Kennedy has done and put together some good stats in National League West, but nothing more. He can’t miss a bat and he often walks the same amount of hitters that he strikes out. That’s not gonna get it done here.

As much as I love Montero and would be sad to see him go, I think I would be okay. Remember, the Yanks are very deep in young catchers with Austin Romine, JR Murphy, and Gary Sanchez further down the pipeline. Also, the rumors of him being bored (I’m not sure if they are true or not) may hint at a little bit of a make up problem that could cause problems in the future.

Of course it will probably take another A ball player or two to get it done, but that shouldn’t be a big deal since A ball players are very far away from fully developing. The thing that boggles my mind is not that Cashman wouldn’t include three of the four in a trade for Ubaldo, but that according to Sherman, he is reluctant to include two of them. I understand that he doesn’t like to deal top prospects so maybe three could be a little too steep, but not even wanting to include two for a pitcher like Jimenez, especially with how cheap his contract is?

I think that this is going to be keep the Yankees brass from pulling the trigger on Ubaldo and they are gonna make a harder push for Hiroki Kuroda. I’m fine with this; Kuroda is a good pitcher and he’s only a rental so there’s no commitment beyond this year. It’s just that I don’t want to settle for a worse pitcher and have it come back to bite us because of one or two prospects.


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