Game 109: The Supposed Number Two

(J. Meric/Getty Images)

An article came out last week that quoted Yankees Larry pitching coach Rothschild as saying the Yanks didn’t need to make a move for a starting pitcher at the trade deadline because they already had a capable number two starter – AJ Burnett. While, AJ does have the stuff to be that guy, he has never put together and seemingly no one else believe that he can do it. Hopefully, starting tonight he will prove us wrong. Here’s the lineup:

  1. Brett Gardner, LF
  2. Derek Jeter, SS
  3. Curtis Granderson, CF
  4. Mark Teixeira, 1B
  5. Robinson Cano, 2B
  6. Nick Swisher, RF
  7. Eric Chavez, 3B
  8. Jorge Posada, DH
  9. Russell Martin, C

And it will be AJ Burnett on the bump. This one will start a little after 8 pm and can be seen on YES and ESPN. Let’s Go Yanks!!


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