Mailbag Monday: Mitchell, Nova, Williams

You can ask a question by going above to the ‘Contact’ tab and sending an email to the given email address.  Make sure you provide your first name. Today there are three questions.

Steve asks: DJ Mitchell seems like he’s having a very good year down in Scranton. Is he a legitimate prospect or just an organizational guy?

(Martin Griff/The Times of Trenton )

Yeah, Mitchell is having an okay year down in Scranton pitching to a 3.48 ERA, but take a look inside the numbers. He’s striking out just over six guys per nine innings and walking nearly four per nine. Couple that with the fact that he’s already 24 and still down there doesn’t look good. However, that doesn’t mean he will never come up and make a contribution. He seems to be a long term reliever because of his one very good pitch (change up). So he isn’t just an org guy, but not a very highly touted prospect.

Ben asks: Is Ivan Nova for real? Is he actually this good?

Nova’s performance on Thursday was definitely the best of his career. It was actually so good that the Yankees were planning on sending him down until after the game when they reasoned that they couldn’t send down a guy who just struck out ten and walked none in 7.2 innings of one-run ball.

I’m not sure if he’s actually this good, but I think his latest two outing have proven that optioning him down the first time was the right move. It allowed him to work on incorporating all four of his pitches into his game plan. This has made him a much more effective pitcher and the new effectiveness of his slider has definitely raised his ceiling from a back end guy to a two or three. Of course this is one start and we’ll have to see if he can keep it up.

Dave asks: Mason Williams is killing it. Any chance he gets promoted before the end of the year and where does he rank on Yankee prospect lists after the season?

Mason Williams is indeed tearing up the NYPL. He’s hitting .369/.412/.503 with 18 stolen bases for the Staten Island Yankees and is apparently playing a very good center field as well. I’m not sure if he ranks ahead of Slade Heathcott, although Slade is out for the year with that shoulder problem, but I think he could be top ten, but in the 8-10 range on any given Yankee prospect list.

As far as him getting called up to Charleston before the end of the season, it doesn’t look good for two reasons. First of all, the Yanks like to keep high school draftees at each level for about a year. Second, he would only be called up if the Riverdogs were gonna make the playoffs and that looks unlikely.


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