Jorge Posada’s Roster Spot

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Through the month of July, Posada wasn’t supposed to be hitting.230/.309/.372 with a .299 wOBA. He wasn’t supposed to have only nine homers and 31 runs driven in. He was going to be the full time designated hitter in order to stay healthy and take away the mental and physical strain of catching. This was supposed to be a big year for him. Instead, he has been stripped of his starting spot and his dignity.

(CBS Sports)

I am not writing this post to debate about whether this was the right move because it clearly was. Posada’s age is showing badly and he just isn’t producing the way they need him to. Sure he has a legacy with the Bombers, but the team is also trying to win games and Jorgie just wasn’t getting the job done. The problem is what this move does to the bench.

As we all know the Yanks have six starters on their team which is causing them to carry thirteen pitchers overall and only twelve position players. With Posada going to the bench, Eric Chavez and Andruw Jones will combine to handle the designated hitter duties, Chavez against righties and Jones against lefties. So this means that the Yankees bench on any given day will consist of Jorge, Francisco Cervelli, and Chavez or Jones. That’s not the most flexible group of guys.

Cervelli is a catcher, Chavez covers the infield corners, Jones the outfield corners, and Posada is basically dead weight. He can play some first base and can pinch hit, two things that Chavy can also do. Now we know they won’t cut Jorgie because of his pride and he won’t just retire because of the same reason so now the Yankees have two options. They can send down one of the pitchers in their bullpen (ie. Hector Noesi) and bring up a bench guy like Ramiro Pena or they can just wait it out until September when rosters expand. I would prefer the former.

A lot of people have been saying that since the Bombers have a big lead in the wild card that they can take it easy for a couple of weeks and give some guys some rest. Well, I’d personally would like to win the division and get home field advantage and with a three man bench as weak and inflexible as this one is, they aren’t gonna be able to go on a tear down the stretch. I just can’t wait until this entire Posada episode is over.


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