A Few Minutes With Austin ‘Bubba’ Jones

(Courtesy of the Edmonds Woodway Warriors Website)

In the seventh round of the 2011 MLB Amateur Draft, the Yankees took a high school first baseman by the name of Austin ‘Bubba’ Jones. Jones grew up in Seattle, Washington and was regarded as one of the best bats out of the Northwest in this year’s draft class. Bubba just signed recently and is currently playing for the GCL Yankees. He was able to take a little bit of time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Matt Filippi: First of all, I have to ask, how did you get the nickname ‘Bubba?’

Austin Jones: Well I first got the nickname bubba when I was born. My dad said at that time I was a little ball of fat, so he called me bubba! And the nickname has stuck with me in the baseball world so far.

MF: How has the transition been from school and being home with family to being on the road and playing almost every day?

AJ: The transition was pretty quick and easy, and I’m loving it! Leaving home was sad, but its only for a month this trip, so I can slowly ease into the life. But on the field the transition between the games and level of play is taking more time, but hey, it’s baseball and I love it. I’m very blessed!

MF: How did it feel to be drafted by the Yankees with all of the tradition and pride that comes with it?

AJ: It was/is a huge honor to be drafted by such an outstanding organization. Easily the best on and off the field, and the Yankees do everything right. I’m extremely Blessed.

MF: What baseball player did you look up to as a kid and who do you try to model your swing and your game after?

AJ: Growing up as a kid in Seattle, I loved to watch the Mariners. Especially Edgar Martinez. He was a great hitter with power to all fields and had a smooth flawless swing. I would watch the tv and model his swing as a kid!

MF: What’s your approach at the plate?

AJ: I try to hunt for fastballs, and make the pitcher throw my pitch… Obviously. But mechanics wise, I always want to stay inside the ball and smash line drives. I also hit the ball with power wherever it’s pitched.

MF: You did a little catching in high school. Is that something you would consider doing as a pro?

AJ: Catching yes! It was fun being the leader on the diamond, and right now I’m a first baseman. And I will play anywhere the organization wants me to play, I just want to get on the field in any way!

MF: This is the off topic question. If you could have four tickets to any music concert, you have to take one family member, one teammate, one male celebrity, and one female celebrity, what concert do you go to and who do you take?

AJ: Okay, I would get tickets to a Zach brown band concert. I would bring my brother Owen, he loves them. I would bring my career long teammate Derek Callahan. For a male celebrity I would bring Josh Hamilton, and for a female I would bring Olivia Wilde.

I’d like to thank Austin for giving us some of his time and wish him luck the best of luck.