Another new feature on the Yankees Talk blog is to follow us on twitter.  I decided that I wanted fans of the blog to be able to access the latest news from anywhere.  So, I made a twitter.  Each tweet I make will contain the latest Yankees news and have a link to the blog.  You will be able to read the headline and then follow the link and read the whole story if you please.  Also, during games I will be posting score and stat updates.  The only way to be able to get these updates is if you follow me.  In order to follow me, you must follow the link and click follow.  You will then be caught up with all of the latest news.  The link to my twitter is:

You can follow the link and and click to follow the blog.  You can also and more conveniently go back to the home page on the blog and go to the third item down on the sidebar and click the follow button.

You could also follow my personal Twitter account in which I will provide updates for all sports that I cover and will also post my Yankees Talk stories:!/Matt_Filippi

Make sure you follow both!!

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